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Let's help them create a better world

Order big boxes of curated books from us, by theme & age,.

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Diversify your school library

We'll work with you to figure out what you need, and then you can go back to your important work and let us figure out the rest!

What can we offer your school?

  • Dutch & English children's books from age 0-11.

  • Beautifully illustrated and magically written stories of all times and rated by children!
  • Each book features a variety of under-represented main characters.

  • In addition, there is also a variety of gender roles, sustainability themes and more.

  • A committed Ani's World employee to help you carefully provide what you are specifically looking for.

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Order a book box with 10 books in the age group 0-11 years in Dutch or English. Let us know what you are looking for or we will make a selection for your school or organisation!


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