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Maakt uw school het verschil?

Every child at your school deserves to believe they can be anything they want to be.

We are working with schools all across the Netherlands to offer resources that support a holistic education, one that promotes self love, empathy and sets children up to achieve their full potential.

Together we are creating #inclusiveclassrooms

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Inclusive resources to support your classes

Whether it's seeing themselves in a storybook, or learning about someone different from them through an activity, or even getting a non stereotypical view of another country; we provide  resources that fit into your teaching plan and make your lessons inclusive and inspiring for every child.

Friendly partners on your inclusive journey

We are parents of school age children, and understand the challenges that go into creating an inclusive education for them. We also passionately believe it is crucial for every single child, no matter their background.For these reasons, we will go above and beyond to support you in your journey to creating inclusive classrooms.

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How to get started?

We have curated some of our most popular items for schools below. Try us out, and then, contact us if there is something custom you'd like made. We can create activities, stories and more to support your lessons.

What are people saying about our #inclusiveclassrooms?

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"De boeken zijn gearriveerd bij be BSO en met laaiend enthousiasme zijn ontvangen door mijn collega's.

"Eindelijk een verhaal met een bruin kindje", "wat een prachtige illustraties en mooie verhalen" en "wat leuk, over al die verschillende landen". Dus wij zijn echt super blij en de kinderen ook"

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