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Our subscriptions

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You tell us your child's age, and we'll send you a tried and tested fictional book every month to build up your home library.

Cut out all the hours scrolling through trying to find a book that represents your family values AND takes your child on a magical adveture.

We've got you covered - every month!

How does it work?


Choose the box with the age of your child.


Sign up! You can cancel any time you like by simply logging in and clicking 'cancel'. It's that simple. No hassle, no questions asked.


Your magical book will be sent out every month around the 27th until you decide to stop them :)

Monthly book for age 0-3 

€15.99 + €3.99 postage

Monthly book for age 4-7

€15.99 + €3.99 postage

Monthly book for age 8-11

€15.99 + €3.99 postage

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